Welcome to Dirty, Sexy History!

There’s a lot more to history than what you’ve read in your high school textbooks. While it’s easy to imagine that people of the past were chaste, polite, and generally morally superior to the people of today, that’s just not the case.

Every period had its villains and vices. This blog aims to look beyond the sanitized and the idealized to the dirty reality of human history. What do I mean by dirt?

Literal: Filth, disease, parasites, blood, shit, and all kinds of other things you wouldn’t want in your carpet

Figurative: Crime, violence, madness, the occult, and scandal

Moral: Sex, contraception, drugs, drunkenness, gambling, and bad behavior

This is going to be a new kind of history blog. Let’s skip to the good stuff* together.

About Us

Jess profileWhen Jessica Cale isn’t writing posts about poison and venereal disease, she writes heavily-researched historical romance full of sex workers, highwaymen, and all the good stuff mentioned above. She holds a BA (Hons) in Ancient and Medieval History and an MFA in Creative and Media Writing from Swansea University and has contributed to BBC History, History Vault, The Guardian, Subtext, Plugged In, and The Libertine, among others. She is an occasional TV historian and appears in Netflix’s The Lost Pirate Kingdom, streaming now.

Jess is a fiction editor for Historical Editorial and Safeword! Author Services. She is a member of the Royal Historical Society and the Historical Novel Society.

untitled-design-2Dr. John V.P. Jenkins is a historian and editor from London. He earned his BA, Master’s, and Doctorate at Swansea University. His research interests include education, youth, and courtship in history. He is a copyeditor at Safeword! Author Services and tweets at @JVPolsomJenkins.

*It’s all good stuff


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