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Dirty, Sexy History is already a terrific way to burn lots of time, but have you ever wished you could listen to it while you’re cleaning, driving, or pretending to work? (It’s called being efficient, thanks)

We’ve got your back. For our readers who prefer to to listen to their history, DSH has a brand new podcast streaming now where we talk about all the same things we cover here, with added segments drawing parallels between current events and things that happened in the past. 

We’ll still be posting new articles here, of course! But the podcast is a companion to the blog with a slightly different angle (and a mellow Midwestern accent), so we do hope you’ll check it out. 

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Episode 2.14. Monstrous Women with Dr Nicole Dittmer Dirty Sexy History

Following on from Episode 2.8, Dr Nicole Dittmer joins us for a discussion about the Victorian view of women as inherently monstrous and how this widespread fear of women influenced the gothic fiction of the time, notably Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Literary nerds, rejoice! This week we’re talking Catherine Earnshaw, Bertha Mason, hysteria, demon uteruses, and…werewolves?! Plus, this episode comes with merch! Join the Monstrous Women squad with our new “Demon Uterus” design, up now at Tee Public
  1. Episode 2.14. Monstrous Women with Dr Nicole Dittmer
  2. Episode 2.13: Founding F*ck Buddies with Dr. Cassandra Good
  3. Episode 2.12. Radium Cosmetics with Lucy Jane Santos
  4. Episode 2.11. The Gender Outlaws of 19th Century France
  5. Episode 2.10. Misinformation Nation: 18th Century Fake News with Dr Jordan Taylor