New Podcast Streaming Now

Dirty, Sexy History is already a terrific way to burn lots of time, but have you ever wished you could listen to it while you’re cleaning, driving, or pretending to work? (It’s called being efficient, thanks)

We’ve got your back. For our readers who prefer to to listen to their history, DSH has a brand new podcast streaming now where we talk about all the same things we cover here, with added segments drawing parallels between current events and things that happened in the past. 

We’ll still be posting new articles here, of course! But the podcast is a companion to the blog with a slightly different angle (and a mellow Midwestern accent), so we do hope you’ll check it out. 

Listen and subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Breaker, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Scribd, and RadioPublic

Episode 2.10. Misinformation Nation: 18th Century Fake News with Dr Jordan Taylor Dirty Sexy History

Fake news a modern problem, right? Not exactly. In fact, the US was founded on it. In this very special Thanksgiving episode, we talk to Dr Jordan Taylor about 18th century newspapers, the Revolutionary War, and how misinformation started everything.
  1. Episode 2.10. Misinformation Nation: 18th Century Fake News with Dr Jordan Taylor
  2. Episode 2.9. Illegitimate Birth in the 18th Century with Dr Kate Gibson
  3. Episode 2.8. Women’s Mental Institutions of the 19th Century
  4. Episode 2.7. The Invention of Gender with Dr. Sandra Eder
  5. Episode 2.6. The Gilded Edge with Dr Catherine Prendergast

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